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    Mallinckrodt (MNK -41.3%) is up a modest 6% from its intraday low of $1.43 after CEO Mark Trudeau's presentation at the Wells Fargo Healthcare Conference in Boston.

    He downplayed a recent Bloomberg report that it is considering restructuring in the face of its exposure to opioid crisis-related lawsuits, calling the report "unfortunate" since the company routinely hires advisors for a range of issues, although he added that it continues to look at all alternatives to move away from the opioid/generics business since it comprises only 10% of what the company does.

    4,75% 2023 Bond (ISIN US561234AE52) steht bei ~24%, wäre was für mutige Zocker....


    Zitat von Alf Hier:05.09.2019, 16:30 Beitrag anzeigen

    4,75% 2023 Bond (ISIN US561234AE52) steht bei ~24%, wäre was für mutige Zocker....
    Mallinckrodt plc's (MNK) Presents at Wells Fargo Securities 2019 Healthcare Conference (Transcript)



    28 bio market cap. Fuer mich bester property developer in China

    Issuer: Country Garden Holdings Company Limited (2007.HK, incorporated with limited liability under the laws of the Cayman Islands, the "Company")
    Subsidiary Guarantors: Certain of the Company’s Restricted Subsidiaries outside the PRC
    Security to be Granted: Share pledges of all of the initial Subsidiary Guarantors
    Issuer Ratings: BBB- Stable / Ba1 Positive / BB+ Stable (Fitch / Moody’s/ S&P)
    Expected Issue Rating: BBB- (Fitch)
    Format: Regulation S Only; Category 1; Registered form
    Currency: U.S. Dollar
    Issue size: Benchmark
    Tenor: 6NC4
    Initial Price Guidance: 6.625% area
    Use of Proceeds: For refinancing existing medium to long term offshore indebtedness, which will become due within one year
    Covenants: Customary high yield covenants
    Terms: US$200,000/ US$1,000 denoms, SGX-ST listing, New York Law
    JGCs, JBRs and JLMs: Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C. (incorporated in Delaware, U.S.A. with limited liability) (B&D), BNP PARIBAS (BNP Paribas is a public limited company (société anonyme) incorporated in France. The liability of its members is limited.)
    Settlement Date: September 17, 2019 (T+5)
    Timing: As early as today's business


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    Heute Men's Wearhouse Inc. Bond: 7% bis 01.07.2022 ISIN US587118AE09 gekauft.
    Moody's Rating B2, Outlook stable.

    Tailored Brands Aktie und Zahlen auf FINRA

    Von ursprünglich 600 Mio sind nur noch 228 Mio geblieben, der Bond (die haben nur diesen einen) wird nach und nach gekündigt, ich denke die nächste Teilkündigung kommt nach dem 01.07 zu 101,75%.

    Tailored Brands to redeploy capital
    The company says it plans to redeploy capital to accelerated debt repayment and share repurchases. The quarterly cash dividend will be suspended starting in Q4.
    Tailored Brands, Inc. (TLRD) CEO Dinesh Lathi on Q2 2019 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

    I also want to reiterate our unwavering commitment to paying down debt and strengthening the balance sheet. Over the past 2.5 years, we have made significant progress on debt reduction, reducing total debt by over $440 million with a focus on the 7% senior notes that mature in July 2022.
    And also just to make clear that the funds that we received from the sale of corporate apparel will be entirely will be entirely applied to debt reduction.
    So we have the option of both repurchasing the notes on the open market as well as executing a call, as you know, at a premium of 1.0175. So we have the option of doing either of those in terms of the senior notes. In terms of thinking about the term loan versus the notes, I would say at current prices, the yields on those instruments are pretty comparable. And obviously the notes come due in July 2022, whereas the term loan we've extended to April of 2025. So I think our bias would be given the similar yields, our bias would be on the shorter maturity senior notes.


    Aber irgendwie ist die Aktie heute unter die Räder gekommen nach dem 10-Q? -27% pre Market
    Angehängte Dateien


    Zitat von Sportpilot Hier:12.09.2019, 12:16 Beitrag anzeigen
    Aber irgendwie ist die Aktie heute unter die Räder gekommen nach dem 10-Q? -27% pre Market
    Klar, weil sie Dividende gestrichen haben. Schlecht für Aktionäre, gut für Bondholders.


    Zitat von Alf Hier:15.05.2019, 14:36 Beitrag anzeigen
    Bond ist 250Mio schwer, für die Kündigung soll es reichen. Leider sagen sie nicht, was sie mit dem Geld vorhaben, aber da der Bond besichert ist kann man mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit davon ausgehen, dass die Kündigung (oder zumindest Tender) zwingend erforderlich ist. Prospekt habe ich (noch) nicht gefunden.
    Artesyn Bond gekündigt zum 15.10 zu 100%...


    und, wie immer, die Zukunft ist klar

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    oder sie gehen pleite: Lawsuit Liabilities Will Do In Mallinckrodt